The Grading of paper money is a very important aspect of dealing with High Denomination Notes. Whether you are buying for a collection or just trying to determine what the value of a given note is. Very small and seemingly insignificant features such as a small corner fold or a slight, almost undetectable wrinkle, could result in a substantial reduction, in the overall value of a note. Click to see a side by side comparison of PMG & PCGS Currency ‘s grading scale.

We are authorized dealers for PMG and PCGS Currency. We’re happy to send your notes in for grading. If you need packaging material (to send us your notes for grading or for appraisal and purchase) we will send you packaging material at our expense. We do this as a service to our customers. Not everyone has the proper packaging material to ensure the safety and integrity of your items. Simply call or send us an email with your mailing address and we’ll ship them out right away.

Horizontal/Vertical Folds


Does the note have a horizontal or vertical crease from being folded in half? To check, hold the note up to a back light.

Corner Folds


Have the corners of the note been folded or have creases on them? To check, hold the note up to a back light.



Are there tiny pinholes in the note? To check, hold the note up to a back light.

Equal Margins


Are the margins equal around the note? – front and back. The margin is the portion of the note between the edge, and the printed area.